The ‘This → That’ framework

The 'This → That' framework

“This → That” is an easy PowerPoint slide framework.

It’s a super easy one for any two-part content. Just fill in this part here, that part there, arrow in between – done. Next slide. Nice!

But wait … isn’t that a little too easy? There is a pitfall here. That arrow connects my content by saying “leads to”, or “becomes”, or simply “then”. More or less visualizing a conclusion or a transformation. And that’s about it.

If my content bits are related in other ways, then this layout is rather confusing. And who would want to confuse anyone? Luckily, you don’t have to be super-creative to think of a different arrangement. For two content bits.

Here is an example from a webinar, that I have attended lately.

After the video, google “golden bridge” – that will make this stick for a while.