Spoke at the DataCampus KnowHow-Meeting 2019

Spoke at the DataCampus KnowHow-Meeting 2019

At the event, circa 100 project managers, software developers and industry delegates convened to discuss state-of-the-art solutions in master data management (MDM) and data science.

My lecture was about visual communication in project management.

Spoke at the DataCampus KnowHow-Meeting 2019
Challenging the audience with a brainstorming exercise

I emphasized the role of clear PowerPoint slides to ensure effective information transfer between project stakeholders. A highlight was on graphical frameworks for slides, how to pick one, how not to, how to determine whether others will understand it, and how to create a new framework.

The latter point involves a tiny bit of creativity. I enjoyed it a lot to challenge the attendants with a little brainstorming exercise around a well-tested case study.

Partners of DataCampus KnowHow-Meeting 2019
Partners of the DataCampus KnowHow-Meeting

The event took place at Hotel Hafen Hamburg on Aug 28/29, 2019. Venue was the beautiful dome-shaped conference room right above the river Elbe.