My training sessions are interactive workshops of one or two days duration. I conduct them in German or English. Together with the participants I discuss a broad range of visualization concepts along a central presentation. There are also individual or group exercises for each topic area. Depending on the custom selection of topic areas a workshop’s label would be “Info-graphics”, “Data visualization” or “Communication with PowerPoint”.

Visualization training

Participants are mostly consultants at early career stages. They learn best practices to apply while devising their own presentation slides. Areas covered include visualization methods for data and for conceptual ideas without data. I discuss common frameworks for both, along with ways to go beyond them. Text consolidation makes an important chapter. Same goes for a design-centered chapter on maximizing a slide’s comprehensibility.

To keep the focus on everyday use, each unit of workshop content is backed up by real-life project material and before-after examples. Moreover, break-out exercises provide first opportunities to put lessons learned to use.

Additional learning opportunities emerge when participants bring their own slides. I discuss, analyze and optimize these either beforehand or “live” during the workshop. This approach lets participants apply their newly acquired skills in their individual context.

If there is more you would like to know, let me know.